Borderless European Market of Austin, TX

Your new destination for
Eastern European groceries,
wine & beer

We RE-OPEN on Wednesday, February 17th!
During normal business hours... 

Face mask is mandatory inside the store!


please apply or send inquiries only via contact us form

Austin, TX is a great place to live, it's growing and it attracts many people. This beautiful city offers lots of places to eat and shop, but we, people from Eastern European community, were struggling to find our traditional products. So BEM has opened its doors in late August of 2016 to provide everything you were looking for.

Some people call BEM Russian store, some call it Polish store, others call it European store... and everyone is right! No matter how you call it, you will be able to find something delicious that you've been missing if you came to Austin from an Eastern European country or have visited any. We have a variety of products from different regions, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, etc, and working on adding more from other countries.

We're proud to provide quality Russian, Ukrainian, Polish & Romanian products and help you get some of that nostalgic taste back to your dining table!

Featured Products:

TR Cucumbers w/ Hot Peppers

TR Cucumbers w/ Hot Peppers

Nezhin Pickles Tomatoes

Nezhin Pickles Tomatoes

Podravka Vegeta Seasoning Can

Podravka Vegeta Seasoning Can


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