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Subtly flavored with an undertone of nutmeg. Beef, salt, sugar, garlic, spices One of the tastiest kabanosy you ever tried! Authentic Pick Salami imported from Hungary
We have the best salo (cured pork fat) in Austin!
Salted / Smoked / Peppered
We have different kinds of Polish meat brands - Pulaski, Andi's Deli, Sokolow, Alef Sausage Co, etc.
AV Dried Eel - 100gr
Our Price: $4.99
We have lots of Russian and Ukrainian sausages (brands EuroMeat, RusFood, RedSquare, etc), Polish brands (Sokolow, Andy's Deli, etc), Hungarian and German salami, and many other brans and kinds you won't find anywhere else in Austin area.
Above are just examples of Eastern European meats we usually have in stock. Call or email for availability.